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We offer complete e-Business solutions to our clients. We can integrate in our web site development: shopping carts, credit card processing, international tax and shipping requirements. Security is a legitimate concern with credit card processing. We implement Secure Socket Layers on our client's server to protect the organization against theft and fraud. Additionally, we are constantly vigilant about predatory viruses, hacks, and compromised security issues in our clients' sites. Our Web Development Team is highly experienced in all aspects of web design, from graphics to programming to back-end engines such as databases. We have developed sites using a wide range of programming languages and applications, with various animation, virtual reality and movies.

Some of the languages are:

Visual BasicAction Script (Flash MX)Streaming Video
VB ScriptQuickTime VRSQL Database
C, C++Shockwave.NET

Web Development Process

Stage 1: Site Conceptualization & Client Scoping

Activities in this stage are developing lists of specifications, requirements and recommendations for the graphical interface and site architecture. This phase aims to provide client with a blueprint of the site to be produced.

Stage 2: Site Design

Focus is on developing creative and visual treatment for the layout of the Homepage and inside pages. All content going into the site should be turned over for encoding and conversion.

Stage 3: Development

The architecture (information) and graphical interface is composite to form a BETA web site. Various elements that comprise both the creative, editorial and navigation designs are integrated to form the site.

Stage 4: Review & Release

This is the deployment phase where after careful testing, the site is released to client and ISP. The site is made "live" and is viewable by the general public.

Website Hosting Services

SEAC Telecom provides the world-class web services you need to established and maintain your company's online presence:

  • Advanced web site publishing & reporting
  • Flexible tools for new and experienced users
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Secure, reliable infrastructure

In addition to domain name registration, SEAC Telecom also offers a full range of web hosting services. Our web hosting plans have a solution for everyone, from beginners to advanced professionals.

For the cost conscious we offer a stripped down version of our fully-featured plans incorporating the same high quality software and fully redundant hardware but without all the bells and whistles you may not need. We believe these back-to-basics plans provide some of the best value hosting in the Philippines.

Our full-featured plans include full email hosting, a full range of scripting and database options.

Regardless of the plan, all our clients benefit from our extended-hours support, our state-of-the-art network infrastructure and access to our highly trained staff. We are so confident in our systems and our staff that we offer a 99% uptime guarantee for our servers and our network, and a 30 day money back guarantee on our hosting plans.

Website Promotion

SEAC Telecom offers Website Promotion Services like Site Repair, Site Optimization and Site Redesign Services with guaranteed results. As a solution based company, SEAC Telecom offers wide range of custom website promotion and website optimization services that allow each of our clients to receive a comprehensive marketing plan that guarantees increased positioning within the major search engines and directories.

How do we Promote YOUR Website?

Our process is Tested, Proven and Effective. Keyword Research, Website Optimization and Professional Website promotion allow us to handle every project in a strategic manner.

Direct and clear communication ensures that each step of the process keeps the client informed. Each project is unique, custom tailored to help our clients stay ahead of the competition. Whether the site consists of two pages or 200, hard coded or script-generated, you can rely on excellent client care and support from start to finish.

Our SEO Specialist will consult with you to make the necessary changes to your website so that it will move up in the search engine results pages. We specialize in optimizing your existing site without compromising its looks, usability, or manageability.

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